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Lent groups
Richard Dawkins has recently published a poll of people who define themselves as Christians.  Many of the respondents, it seems, do not subscribe to orthodox Christian faith or practise their faith in terms of church-going, Bible-reading or prayer.  Therefore, says Dawkins, they are not real Christians at all and we can stop saying that Britain is a Christian country.
What makes a “real” Christian?  Do you have to believe in the Creed to be one?  What is the meaning of the Creed anyway?  How much does Christianity have to do with belief and how much with the way we live?
These are some of the questions we will look at in the Lent evening groups.  There will be a group meeting every night of the week from Monday to Thursday, so we hope one of them will suit your diary.
Why not mark Lent this year by getting to know some new people at church and exploring our faith in more depth?  They will start in the week of 27th February and run for five sessions.  Each group meets in someone’s home for a simple meal followed by a discussion.  A lay member of the congregation chairs this part of the evening, based on notes provided by the clergy.  For more information email the Vicar at
The Lent group meeting at the Primrose Tea Room on Thursday mornings from 10 to 11 will be following the York course for Lent 2012, called Handing on the Torch: Sacred Words for a Secular World.  Christianity is the largest movement our world has ever seen. It continues to grow at an immense pace – especially in Asia (including China), Africa and Latin America. At the same time, Christianity in the West struggles to grow and – perhaps – even to survive. In this course we consider some of the reasons for this and what it might mean for individual Christians, for churches and for Western culture, in a world where alternative beliefs are increasingly on offer.