Groups | Women’ Group

        Started up nearly two years ago now, this group of women ( of all ages ) who come to St Mary’s, meet up from time to time – usually on a Thursday evening – and enjoy relaxed conversation, good company and good food together. The good food is provided by the Russian Bistro ‘TROIKA’, in Regent’s Park Road, a very friendly place where a cup of Russian tea can be made to last a couple of hours, or a more substantial meal (their Hungarian Goulash is delicious) may be chosen. We move round the table sometimes, to make sure that we all have a chance to talk, and talk we do !
        Conversation is not formal. We sometimes talk about what is happening at St Mary’s, but we also discuss films, books, plays, music, hobbies, articles from the papers and anything else we like to bring up. The Group is very friendly, and we are talking about plans for visiting the theatre together, and being given a guided tour of interesting bits of Hampstead in the spring.
        Numbers vary at the meetings  –  not everyone is always free, but this works well and we are not over-crowded.  The Group was started by the Reverend Linda Dean, one of the Assistant  Priests at St Mary’s .  You are welcome to contact her for further details :   020  8883 5417