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Cold Weather Shelter 2011

We feel the
last few days of sun dwindle, and the days become shorter. A cold air in the breeze…winter is approaching the doorstep of St Mary’s.That can only mean one thing; the second year of the Camden Cold Weather Shelter is not far away.

There are a few ways you can help the shelter run this year…

‘Sponsor a guest’

£15.00 – Will pay for Dinner, Breakfast, toiletries, Laundry (cleaning the bed linen) and utilities for one guest for one week

£100 – Will pay for one guest over the total 7 weeks

Clothing donations – Last year we had great donations of winter clothing for our guests. The Coats, jumpers, Scarf’s, and hats were received well by our guests, especially on the crisp, snowy mornings as they had to venture back out onto the streets.

Packets of socks, vests and thermals are also greatly received

Any donations can be sent to the St Mary’s Office. Cheques can be made payable to  St Mary’s PCC, with Cold Weather Shelter marked on the back.

Volunteer!!! – All the funding in the world is great, but this organisation cannot run without the dedication of the volunteers. Just ask any of our volunteers from last year about their experience and they will sell it better than I could. If you are interested in taking part this year contact me at I will be organising a meet and some training, soon for old and new volunteers. Get in touch if you want to be in the loop.

For more information visit the C4WS
website at

Many Thanks

Celyn Cooke, St Mary’s Shelter Coordinator