St Mary's Latest News

Shelter comes to a close

Dear all

This Monday will be our last shelter of the season and our guests will move onto seven other churches for the next couple of months.

It has been another great season and enjoyable shifts with volunteers and guests eating and talking together. These last few weeks have seen the temperature really drop and we have been greeted with cold faces at the door when we open up at 7:30 pm. We get our guests in quickly and ply them with hot drinks and cake.

I would like to thank all the volunteers who have made another year possible. We had had a few new people sign up to our volunteer team, using the new online training portal. We have also had two new staff members join the C4WS team, Jenna and Danny, who we have met across the shifts.

I would also like to thank all of those who have donated puddings…..this is an essential part of the dinner (and saves a job for the dinner kitchen staff) and also those who donated clothing and toiletries. It’s all a great help.

Finally, I thank all of those who have made financial donations over the past few months. Without this, the shelter would struggle to operate and your contributions cover the cost of food, laundry and utilities.

I hope that in a small way we have helped the guests that have passed through, feel safe and comfortable during a difficult time in their lives.

Happy New Year and all the best

Celyn Cooke