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Week of Guided Prayer, Sunday March 13th – Sunday March 20th 2016

Why are we doing this?

Prayer is at the heart of the ministry of the church and underpins the life of our community whether we recognize it or not.  Since time immemorial people have been praying and yet we often think that other people are more “holy” or expert at praying than we are.  But prayers come in as many shapes and sizes as the people who offer them.  It is those quick last second words we fire up hoping God will hear and help or know that we are thankful.  It is the long carefully thought out prose that draws us into the deep mysteries of God and can often engage our immaginations.  It is the words we share when thinking about the needs of others or the thanks we offer when celebrating the Sacraments.  It is the peace we feel and the communion we share when we find those moments of silence in the hustle and bustle of life.  It is the ‘words’ we share when Scripture speaks as if to our very soul. It is every time we join in the familiar words, ‘Our Father in heaven…’


This year we would like to spend a week of intentional engagement with prayer and scripture, to allow God to speak to us and deepen the relationship we share.


What are we proposing?

This Lent we would like to invite you to join us for a Week of Guided Prayer. It is a new initiative for us, but one that many other communities have found to be an extremely fruitful discipline. We have six Prayer Companions, who are ready to spend half an hour with you each day, listening with you to hear where God is in your life, what God is speaking for you to hear, and … ?


How will it work?

We ask possible participants to leave their details on the sign up sheet at the back of the church. At this stage you are expressing interest rather than making a firm commitment. If you do decide to take part, you will need to block out two half-hours every weekday during the Week of Guided Prayer. We will pair you with a Prayer Companion who will be in touch to confirm a daily time and place to meet.


On Sunday 13th March we will have a brief meeting after church to check the arrangements and answer any questions. From Monday 14th through Friday 18th, we will ask each person to dedicate half an hour each day to pray and read the scriptures.  You will also need to have a half-hour meeting with your Prayer Companion – you will always meet with the same person throughout the week.  The focus will be on listening and responding so that each day is able to build on the one before.  The week will culminate with lunch and reflection on Palm Sunday (20th March) at the church with all who have participated.


Who is it for?

We want everyone and anyone to be a part of this week. If you work full-time in the city but can steal away for an hour at lunch, this is for you. If you are a stay at home parent and your child naps for an hour in the afternoon, or you have an hour you can block out in the evening when things wind down, this is for you. If you are retired and find the day is a great time to try something new, this is for you. The list could go on and on, but one way or another we want you to know, this is for you!


How can you join?

It is simple, just leave you name, availability, location for where to meet, and your preferred contact details on the sign up sheet at the back of the church and we will be in touch.


If you have any questions please make sure you ask Marjorie, Mark or Timothy. We don’t want you to miss out on this fantastic opportunity.