Services/Calendar | Holy Week Services

Palm Sunday with Palm Sunday Liturgy 10.15am – Each year congregation members are invited to gather on Primrose Hill for the procession of palms back to church. Service then follows with High Mass and a dramatic reading of the gospel. All are welcome


Maundy Thursday – The Liturgy of the Last Supper  

8.00 pm – Solemn Eucharist,Footwashing, stripping of altar and Watch until midnight   This is the first part of the great threefold drama of the Passion and Resurrection.  After the sermon the clergy team will obey Jesus’ command to offer humble service by washing the feet of volunteers.  After communion we make a solemn procession with the reserved sacrament to the side chapel, where we are encouraged to keep watch with Jesus until midnight.  In the meantime the church is darkened and stripped as a reminder of the dereliction Jesus experienced when his friends deserted him.


Good Friday

10.00am – Children’s service. A short, informal service suitable for the very young

12 noon – Three Hours Devotion Mattins, Litany, Passion according to St John, Stations of the Cross, Intercessions, Veneration of the Cross, Communion The first part of the service will include two addresses and some musical interludes.  This year the three hour service will include the traditional devotion of the Stations of the Cross, starting at about 1.30 pm.  The time can be used instead, if preferred, for sitting quietly to reflect or stepping outside.  Children aged 8 and upwards are encouraged to come to this part of the service and to stay if they wish for the solemn intercessions, veneration and Communion.  It is a dramatic and powerful experience.  At the end of the service those who wish may stay for hot cross buns.  Others may prefer to leave in silence.


Holy Saturday

9.00am – Morning Prayer followed by church cleaning.  Volunteers are welcome to help with the preparation of the church for Easter.  Refreshments will be served.


Easter Day           

5.30am – The Easter Vigil and Dawn Eucharist with lighting of Paschal Candle and renewal of baptismal vows, followed by breakfast The Easter Vigil is the oldest Christian liturgy and is many people’s favourite service in the year.  We gather in the dark church before dawn and make a bonfire.  The Paschal candle is blessed and lit from this fire and carried in solemn procession to the front of the church.  We hear the readings from the Hebrew scriptures of God’s great creative and saving actions.  When we reach the proclamation of Jesus’ victory over death, we make a loud and joyful noise with bells, clappers and party poppers as the lights come up and the organ begins the Gloria.  Then we bless the font and renew our baptismal promises before celebrating the first eucharist of Easter.  Children are warmly encouraged to take part in this tremendous celebration.  Afterwards breakfast is served to everyone (with Buck’s Fizz for the adults).

8.00am – Holy Communion

10.30am – Procession and High Mass