Youthwork | Eirini & Social Inclusion project

The word ‘Eirini’ comes from the Greek word for peace. It reflects our vision for young people and means ‘to live well’, both materially and spiritually. We want young people to experience a ‘fullness of life’ based around positive relationships between individuals, families and the wider community.

With funding from The Rank Foundation and in conjunction with YMCA George Williams College, we have appointed Jason Allen as our first Eirini project worker.

He works with young people aged between 11 and 16 who are at serious risk of disaffection, social exclusion and anti-social behaviour.

Recently the following film was produced, looking at the work Jason Allen does, supported by St Mary’s.

The Social Inclusion Programme was established in January 2004, looking to work with young people in our local community, including centre-based and detached youthwork, through partner-ships with primary and secondary schools, the police, the council and other youthwork, community and faith-based organisations.

Since its inception, we have carried out a wide range of activities and initiatives.

Our aim is to build positive relationships with local young people at risk of social exclusion to:

– divert anti-social behaviour
– explore values and decision-making
– improve self-esteem
– offer support and constancy
– promote interdependence
– strengthen community and citizenship
– challenge injustice.

These objectives embody our vision of work with young people. The Social Inclusion Programme represents the commitment of St Mary’s to our local community. Our work is relational, holistic and long-term. We believe that work with young people needs to be built on stable foundations, committed to the needs and growth of the individual, in the context of an affirming yet challenging community. Based at St Mary’s Centre, the Social Inclusion Programme seeks to help young people in our area reach and celebrate their full potential.

Please contact Jason Allen for further information about funding or volunteering