Welcome to St Mary the Virgin, Primrose Hill. For nearly 150 years, St Mary's has been offering dignified worship, beautiful music and social action in the Catholic tradition of the Church of England. 
We are proud of our past, which you can read about on the website. 
We are committed here and now to a range of activities including mentoring vulnerable young people, hosting a winter night shelter and a craft brewery, and working with London Citizens, in addition to our principal tasks of offering worship, Christian nurture and pastoral care. We are an inclusive church, welcoming all without distinction of gender, ethnicity, disability or sexuality.
We look forward with hope and faith to our anniversary in 2022 as we seek to renew our building to serve future generations.
Please explore our website, get in touch with us, drop in to visit the church (open on weekdays), or best of all, let us welcome you in person to a Sunday service.




Summer at St Mary’s

In August the choir takes a well-earned holiday and we will celebrate an informal Parish Eucharist on Sunday mornings at the nave altar, singing all the service music to hymn tunes. Informal Eucharists at 9.15 will continue as usual. We welcome suggestions of favourite hymns that you would like to sing during August – please write the titles clearly on the list on the stewards’ table.
During this slightly more relaxed month, the clergy hope to have time to visit a number of parishioners at home. You don’t need to be sick or in special need to have a visit! Just send an email to Marjorie at vicar@smvph.org.uk with some suggested times if you would like one of the clergy to call on you.