Your name on the roll means you will: 

· Have a say in how St.Mary’s is run by electing our governing body 
· Have a voice in the wider church by electing deanery synod reps who have a say in key decisions – eg the appointment of the Bishop of London 
· Be "visible" to the parish clergy, who pray regularly for everyone on the roll and keep in touch as needed 
· Help show our strength – the roll is vital in showing how effective we are in reaching our community.

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In order to fill in this form digitaly you must first download it. 
To do this please do the following: 
Click on the above button to go to the form,
then click on to 
FILE (top left) 
scroll down to 
Download as 
scroll and select 
Word Document.

This will then download the form to your phone or computer as a word document. 
Open the downloaded file on your device and edit in your details. 
Save the completed file to your device.
Email this saved, completed form to the Parish Office.