Welcome to St Mary the Virgin, Primrose Hill. For nearly 150 years, St Mary's has been offering dignified worship, beautiful music and social action in the Catholic tradition of the Church of England. 
We are proud of our past, which you can read about on the website. 
We are committed here and now to a range of activities including mentoring vulnerable young people, hosting a winter night shelter and a craft brewery, and working with London Citizens, in addition to our principal tasks of offering worship, Christian nurture and pastoral care. We are an inclusive church, welcoming all without distinction of gender, ethnicity, disability or sexuality.
We look forward with hope and faith to our anniversary in 2022 as we seek to renew our building to serve future generations.
Please explore our website, get in touch with us, drop in to visit the church (open on weekdays), or best of all, let us welcome you in person to a Sunday service.



You can now get the St Mary’s Primrose Hill 2019 Calendar. Available from Church £10.00

You can now get the St Mary’s Primrose Hill 2019 Calendar.
Available from Church £10.00

The political and economic state of Britain is uncertain and no one knows what 2019 will bring.
At Morning Prayer this week, I was struck by this verse from Psalm 9:
The nations shall sink into the pit of their making and in the snare which they set will their own foot be taken.
So there is nothing new about our current situation! A joint statement from the bishops of the Church of England following their meeting in December says:
“We call on the country to consider the nature of our public conversation. It is time to bring grace and generosity back to our national life. At the heart of the Christian message is Jesus’ command to love our neighbour. This includes those with whom we agree and disagree – at home, in Europe, and further afield.
“We urge everyone – our political leaders and all of us – to bring magnanimity, respect and reconciliation to our national debate. There is now an urgent need for the United Kingdom to recover a shared vision and identity to help us find a way through the immediate challenges.”

In the days and weeks ahead, let us offer this prayer:

God of reconciling hope,
as you guided your people in the past
guide us through the turmoil of the present time
and bring us to that place of flourishing
where our unity can be restored,
the common good served
and all shall be made well.
In the name of Jesus we pray.